Wendy Rudell

My name is Wendy Rudell.  My primary residence is in Coronado, California, although I also live in Mexico.  I’ve been in the health field since first learning about cleansing, detoxing, and raw foods in the late 60s. From there I became a massage and colon therapist, taught nutrition, established a fresh juice and salsa business in Hawaii, and eventually moved to San Diego to work at the Optimum Health Institute where I developed a program to help people more deeply integrate what they learned there so they could continue their healing process at home. I am currently working in Cabo San Lucas as a health coach and biofeedback practitioner, and I’m writing a book about raw foods.

I was initially introduced to quantum biofeedback about 10 years ago and quickly discovered that it was something I could easily integrate with all of the other modalities that I was using.  Two years later I met Dr. Paul Drouin at a biofeedback conference in Mexico and learned of the program that Quantum University offers in Traditional Naturopathy specifically related to quantum biofeedback, and it became clear to me how important it would become to be better educated and to gain credibility through certification. I began my studies slowly, one course at a time, but soon realized that I wanted more and signed up for the full program.

I’m really grateful for my education through Quantum University.  It’s definitely helped my business, especially by bringing in the quantum aspect which changed the way I see and work with clients, facilitating their understanding of how they can create a different paradigm for themselves. I really enjoyed the online learning experience and don’t think I could ever go back to a traditional university and sit in a classroom or commute to school.  Having access to lectures right at my fingertips was wonderful, as was being able to hear other people’s questions and get their feedback and perspective online.  Quantum University is the best thing I’ve ever chosen to do.  The instructors are of the highest quality and the format is excellent, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in health and is looking for something to enhance what they are already doing.  You can’t put a value on an education like this. I think that the cost is very reasonable, and the value is priceless. I’m very proud to be one of the first quantum doctors.

Wendy Rudell
Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy

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