Terry Campbell

My name is Terry Campbell.  I am retired and live in both Berlin, Germany, and in Phoenix, Arizona.  I always been a creative person, and that creativity has brought me a lot puzzles to solve. I was frustrated at first because I didn’t have enough understanding of how the quantum actually works.  I knew how to use it, but I needed to understand the science behind it, so I could discuss it intelligently.

I met Dr. Paul Drouin and decided to enroll in Quantum University.  I chose Quantum University, because it clearly stood out among the other institutions. It took me about a year and a half to complete the program, partly because of the technological challenges I faced while we were living and working in South Africa.  I completed the doctorate program and also took the Quantum Healer and Quantum Doctor courses.  I especially love listening to Dr. Drouin and Dr. Goswami, interacting and describing the vision that I’d been looking for.

I am grateful that I was led to the very place I wanted to be, and that I now have the tools to do some of the things I want to do.  My expertise as a quantum biofeedback practitioner has improved greatly since enrolling in the university. I have a steady clientele in both Arizona and Germany, although I have not concentrated on building a practice because I am also writing a book about the quantum approach to health.  I’ve always known that this is both, the medicine of the future and the basis of ancient healing arts. And now is the time to integrate a new consciousness, a new approach, and to work with the already-established allopathic medical system.

My online learning experience with Quantum University was really fantastic. The only trouble I ever had, was when we didn’t have consistent electricity in South Africa. But even then we were still able to use the iPod and the PowerPoint presentations.  I would tell anyone considering enrolling Quantum University that if they wait and look around for something better, they won’t find it.  I enthusiastically support Quantum University for it has given me exactly what I needed and wanted in my education.

Terry Campbell
Doctorate in Quantum Medicine

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