Jeanne Greening

My name is Jeane Greening and I am from Roanoke, Virginia.  I am a Biofeedback Practitioner and a healer and I now integrate quantum biofeedback with the other modalities I’ve learned and practiced over the years. I was introduced to energetic healing in 1964 and eventually was taken to a healer who healed my deformed feet – an experience which changed my life and inspired me to want to learn more so I could do the same for others. A friend introduced me to quantum biofeedback in 1999 and I first met Dr. Paul Drouin in 2003 when he was one of the presenters at a biofeedback conference in Mexico.  I had received very little biofeedback training and was hungry for more information, and he gave me exactly the information I needed, and I knew right away that I needed to study with him. Once I learned that he had started a school, I signed up right away.  When I know I need something and I know it’s the right thing, I just do it.

I have always had trouble reading and studying because I’m both ADD and dyslexic, so Quantum University has been perfect for me because I can go back and listen to the lectures as many times as I need to, which makes all the difference in the world. And the value of the education I’ve received from Quantum University is outstanding!  You’d have to go to four different schools and pay 10 times more to acquire the information and knowledge that is available through Quantum University.

My business has definitely improved since enrolling in the university. People have more respect for me as a practitioner because I now have legitimate credentials, and I have a lot more confidence. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the courses. This information is invaluable. I feel I have finally gotten the information to put the whole picture together. What I have learned fills in the gaps in my 25 years of studying and practicing various healing arts. I think that quantum medicine is going to be the medicine of the future. There is a growing interest in this approach, so I think that’s the direction we’re all going, which is just wonderful.

Jeanne Greening

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