Helga Zelinsky

My name is Helga Zelinsky, and I am a health practitioner with a clinic in Hamilton, Ontario.  I became a Master of Acupuncture in the late 70s and had a practice for many years.  I was ready to retire a few years ago when my daughter and granddaughter became very interested in the quantum biofeedback device that I was beginning to integrate into my practice.  (I have always been drawn to energetic medicine, and quantum biofeedback is based on the same principles as acupuncture is.)  So we began the process of opening a clinic where we could all work together, and getting advanced training in biofeedback and integrative medicine was one of the first steps. I always felt I had missed out when I was young in not going to a university, so I’m now catching up with the subjects I wasn’t able to study years ago.

I came across Quantum University when I was taking some online courses in biofeedback and found the courses that were offered to be very interesting.  So I talked with Dr. Paul Drouin, signed up all three of us (myself, my daughter, Patricia, and my grand-daughter Katherine) for the full program, and we have been studying ever since. I chose Quantum University because it was the most suitable institution for what we were doing.  The online learning experience is great for us because we can study on our own time and at our own speed, and we can each study the subjects that are most important to us at the time.

Anyone who is interested in a career in a health-related field should enroll in Quantum University because quantum medicine is the medicine of the future, and the quality and value of the education is tremendous. With Quantum University, you can continue working while you study and immediately incorporate what you are learning. I am very grateful for my educational accomplishments. We probably wouldn’t have our clinic now if not for Quantum University, mainly because it gives us a more professional approach that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.  Although I’m now almost ready to retire again, I will probably continue to study through Quantum University for the rest of my life.

Helga Zelinsky

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