Barbara Jean Higa

My name is BJ Higa and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii where I have worked for over 20 years as a business consultant to corporations and individuals, providing coaching in corporate culture, leadership and change.  I also have an informal biofeedback practice, and although I don’t work with it every day, I want to consistently get good results.  The education I received has brought me to another level of understanding, and therefore it has helped others raise their level of consciousness.

I came to Quantum University because I was interested in quantum biofeedback and needed training because I had very little background in human anatomy and physiology and how stress affects the human body.  I met Dr. Paul Drouin in 2003 when he taught biofeedback at a conference I was attending.  He told me he was establishing a university and I immediately signed up for the Certified Traditional Naturopath program. When I completed that, I signed up for the Masters program.

Quantum University provided me a safe place to learn.  I started with Quantum University before the courses were offered online.  Now I can attend from my home or anywhere in the country, with no travel expenses. It has also introduced me to other people with similar interests.  I now get together fairly regularly with fellow practitioners to share ideas, and some of the people I met through the school are now among my best friends.  Quantum University also provides me an ongoing opportunity to ask questions on any topic ranging from imbalances of the body to quantum physics.

Dr. Drouin is knowledgeable, experienced, and totally dedicated to helping our community and he is committed to creating professional, knowledgeable practitioners. I am grateful to Dr. Drouin and Quantum University for serving the Quantum community so well over the years.  Quantum University provides solid training and is the premier center to learn about the stressors to the body, how to balance and release them, and how to integrate this knowledge in a practical way with clients. When I purchased my biofeedback device in 2003, I began to take classes from Dr. Drouin and have continued to do so because the school constantly expands and improves its curriculum and capabilities.

Barbara Jean Higa
Doctorate in Alternative Medicine

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