Anne Harris

My name is Anne Harris and I reside and work in Pheonix, AZ. I had an office for many years but I’m now 65 years old and sort of retired. I didn’t want to stop working because I really love what I do, so I brought my practice to my home part-time, which is very relaxing. My practice encompasses a number of modalities. I started out in physical therapy, but my love is really massage and colon therapy with a focus on detoxification, which I now integrate with quantum biofeedback.I love to learn. I’m one of those people who want to learn all the time, but it takes me time because I’ve always been a slow learner. Once I’ve got it, though, I can incorporate it. So Quantum University is the perfect school for me. In a traditional classroom setting, you get the class only one time, but with Quantum University’s online courses, you can repeat them whenever you want to. 

The courses are live online and are also on an iPad that I can watch on my TV. I wanted to go deep. I don’t want to just look at something and take a test – I want to fully understand what I’m studying so I can work with it, and this is possible for me with Quantum University. I’ve been able to integrate what I’ve learned into my practice, which makes me a more effective practitioner.

I feel that I’ve received very good value with Quantum University. I’ve taken many classes for a very reasonable price, and I’m really happy and want to keep going. I don’t want to ever quit learning, so I really appreciate that my access to all the classes I have already taken will continue, even when I have completed my current program.

Anne Harris

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