Earn Degrees and Credentials in Holistic, Natural and Integrative Medicine

Bachelor to PhD in Natural Medicine Track

Bachelor to Ph.D in Natural Medicine Track


Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, and PhD in Natural Medicine

This degree program is a combined Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, and PhD in Natural Medicine. This program is designed to provide the graduate a multi-dimensional model of Natural Medicine, implemented with the diverse modalities associated with the understanding of Quantum Physics:

  • Anatomy
  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Auriculotherapy
  • Biofeedback
  • Biology
  • Deontology
  • Hematology
  • Herbology
  • Homeopathy
  • Homotoxicology
  • Hormonology
  • Linguistic
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Taoist Medicine

The students will read, study, learn, and most importantly, clinically put into practice these many fundamental approaches. This in-depth education will allow the students to better integrate the foundation of modern medicine to a more multi-dimensional model of Natural Medicine.


DNM – Doctor in Natural Medicine

PhD in Natural Medicine graduates qualify for the title of ‘DNM – Doctor in Natural Medicine’ certified by the BNMDP-NA – Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners.

AMP – Alternative Medical Practitioner

Doctorate in Alternative Medicine graduates qualify for the title of ‘AMP – Alternative Medical Practitioner’ certified by the AAMA – American Alternative Medical Association.

HHP – Holistic Health Practitioner

Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences graduates qualify for the title of ‘HHP – Holistic Health Practitioner’ certified by the AADP – American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


This program is a combined Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, PhD.

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Video Courses

IQ-101 – Biofeedback Practitioner Training

Essential course to understand the foundation of conventional biofeedback in order to better understand and use the technology of quantum biofeedback. The concept of subspace will be clarified, as well as how concepts in quantum physics can be applied to the field of healing and stress management. In other words, all the information necessary to practice quantum biofeedback within the science and art of healing.

IM-200 – Auriculotherapy Training

Auricular acupuncture and auriculotherapy presents the most essential clinical procedures for stimulating ear reflex points for the alleviation of pain, addiction, and stress-related disorders. Both didactic presentations and hands-on training will facilitate a deeper understanding of the auriculotherapy practices that allow optimal integration of the microsystem of the ear with the macrosystem of the body.

IM-300 – Hypnotherapy Training

Learn all about the history of hypnosis, how it works, what the research says, and why hypnosis is so effective for behavior change and overcoming fears and phobias. The course includes detailed information on hypnotic terminology. After successful completion of the course, you will possess the skill level and confidence you need to comfortably guide others through an entire hypnotic process.

IM-303 – Neuro Linguistic Programming

Provides you with a step-by-step approach to mastering these powerful communication techniques and give you practical tools to motivate even your most difficult clients to access the power of their minds. The nine must-have NLP techniques that can be used for virtually any client issue. The following is one example of an exhaustive list of what you will learn, and it is only the beginning of your journey into NLP.

IM-400 – Introduction to Aromatherapy

The Introduction into Aromatherapy Course is about learning the basics of Essential Oils and their application. Essential Oils have a history of healing back to biblical times and in some countries are still a primary method of healing. This course will make you more aware of the safe application of these powerful natural remedies. You will discover that they are a good modality for any Healing center.

IM-600 – Homeopathy Training

For the first time, explore a scientific model that integrates quantum physic and consciousness with Hahneman’s concept of Vital Force. This model finally explains homeopathy from the scientific perspective of quantum physics. Gain a real understanding of the basics of homeopathy so you can apply them in a practical way with your clients.

IM-701 – New Context for Medicine

Explore the issues confronting the development of an integrative medicine that integrates conventional and alternative or complementary medicine practices. Currently, conventional allopathic medicine is based on Newtonian physics and a biology based on scientific materialism – the metaphysics idea that matter is the ground of all being. Within the primacy of consciousness, it becomes clear how to make the practice of medicine truly holistic.

IM-702 – New Quantum Biology for Medicine

Introduces a new biology based on the primacy of consciousness and quantum physics. He also introduces subjectivity and heterogeneity into biology of feeling. Learn purposiveness and creativity in evolution. This course will teach you creative evolution, evolutionary purpose, and the future of our evolution. It will show you the way to reconcile evolution and intelligent design.

IM-703 – Quantum Healer

Understand the ancient systems of healing through the principles quantum physics but also consecrate Natural Medicine to Modern Medicine in order to establish a true freedom of health. Review, from this universal point of view in relation with ancient Hawaiian tradition, some of the concepts of various medicines and demonstrate how they become as logical, elegant and satisfying as the interpretation of experiments of quantum physics.

IM-704 – Quantum Biology

Quantum Biology states that biological processes are best described by quantum physics principles. This course will endeavor to show how important this statement is and how inadequate classical descriptions are. Discusses the role of quantum physics in our understanding of biological entities, with an emphasis on human physiology. The concept of “non-locality” will be expanded to one of “sub-space of interconnectedness.”

IM-705 – Quantum Doctor

An integral medicine is developed in this course based upon the principles of quantum physics and the primacy of consciousness. Dr Amit Goswami then explain the various techniques of alternative medicine such as Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the East Indian medicine system of Ayurveda, chakra medicine, homeopathy, mind-body medicine, Christian Science and spiritual healing from this new perspective.

IM-706 – Quantum Health Care Management

The idea of managed health care is not new. In integrative medicine, however, we acknowledge the role of consciousness, free will, and creativity in the management of health care. Therefore, this course will explore these ideas— new vistas of integrative medicine from a management point of view, management of the treatment of chronic disease, preventive medicine, positive health, and the economics of integrative health care.

IM-900 – Biology of Belief

A renaissance in science is shattering old myths and rewriting the story that will shape the future of human civilization. Join pioneering stem cell biologist and bestselling author, Bruce H. Lipton, as he takes you on a journey from the microcosm of the cell to the macrocosm of the mind. The “new” biology defines how our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs create the conditions of our body and our place in the world.

IQ-200 – Quantum Hematology

Gives a deeper understanding of the Dark Field Analysis, integrated into the basics of live and dry blood analysis with clinical applications. Pleomorphism and the over-acidification of the bio-terrain will be covered in detail. The new science of oxidology will also be a major topic of study. This course teaches how to integrate an understanding of hematology to complement clinical assessments.

IQ-202 – Quantum Healing and Consciousness

Explores the relationship between consciousness and quantum healing and how we can implement “innate intelligence” using quantum biofeedback. Students will also learn how to enhance their own inner potential through exercise and meditation techniques. Also explored is the potential for removing obstacles to future fulfillment and the integration of many different healing techniques.

IQ-300 – The Five Pillars of Health

Learn to evaluate the Bio-Emotional-Mental-Supramental-Spiritual Terrain, using the system of the Five Pillars of Health, Five Bodies, Five Elements and Seven Chakras, to organize and understand the parameters that result from the unconscious reactivity testing, as well as how to evaluate and improve health and guide the client through a state of positive health.

IQ-301 – Quantum Hormonology

Explore Quantum Hormonology, one of the most rapidly developing branch of contemporary biology. Gain an understanding of hormonal control, the endocrine glands and their associated hormones, and will be introduced to primary hormonal conditions such as menopause, osteoporosis, sub-clinical hypothyroid, and adrenal exhaustion, as well as how to manage these conditions.

IQ-400 – Quantum Taoist Medicine and Acupuncture

Taoist Medicine is one of the most ancient systems of oriental medicine that attempt to understand the movement of subtle energies that are influenced by the mind and body connection. Today quantum physics defines theses subtle bodies as morphogenetic fields. This course will bring together the most ancient and reliable system to understand the Soul-Mind-Body with the modern contribution of Quantum Physics, in an intelligible and practical model.

IQ-401 – Integrative Holistic Healthcare Course

Learn protocols for headache, pain, anxiety/stress, and smoking cessation within the quantum biofeedback, in association with the use of essential oils, the five basic oils that can be used to enhance outcomes, as well as protocols for specific conditions. Study the use of electro-medicine for significant results in pain, stress, and anxiety reduction, smoking cessation and Pain Management.

IQ-500 – Quantum Homeopathy and Homotoxicology

Gives an introduction to the history of homeopathy and a deeper understanding of homotoxicology. In addition, the course will integrate all these ideas and concepts together into a coherent and practical multi-dimensional model of health care, with the help of direct practical applications of homeopathy and homotoxicology in real life scenarios.

IQ-501 – New Quantum Medicine

Explore the connection between mind and body through the new paradigm of consciousness and quantum medicine. This course provides an understanding of the correlation between disease and emotional conflicts. It describes the reviewed concept of Hamer Medicine, the physiopathology of diseases, and how they may relate to certain emotional conditions. New Quantum Medicine provides a clear step-by-step protocol to manifest spontaneous healing.

IQ-700 – Practicum Cases

Trains the student in a multidimensional approach, integrating the concepts of bio-energetic terrain and advanced biofeedback. Students will learn how to recognize patterns of information and use them in a clinical setting, adding another important skill to the process of information collection. The programs of the Quantum Biofeedback and all the elements that have been learned in the various courses will be applied in a clinical setting.

Textbook Courses

IW-103 – Historical Survey and Foundations

An overview of the definition and scope of Naturopathy, as well as its historical roots, the writings of its founders on a variety of natural therapies, and the modern applications and validations of Naturopathic techniques. Pioneers in Naturopathic Medicine and the writings of Drs. Benedict Lust and John Schnell will be covered. The healing power of nature and the missing links to understanding how life cures will be also be explored.

IW-203 – Deontology and Professional Ethics

Outlines the legal responsibilities, restrictions, issues, and ethics the practitioner must be aware of to be protected and operate legally in the natural health field. Covered are the proper terminology for communicating and interacting with others and how to educate others in the natural health field. This course is a hands-on practitioner’s guide to creating a professional, safe, and enduring practice.

IW-303 – Human Anatomy and Physiology

Review in this course are the subjects of basic chemistry, cells and tissues, skin and body membranes, the skeletal system, the muscular system, the nervous system, special senses, the endocrine system, the blood and cardiovascular system, lymphatic system and body defenses, the respiratory system, the digestive system, body metabolism, the urinary system, and the reproductive system.

IW-403 – Enzyme, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids

Describes the role of enzymes in digestion and assimilation and how they act as scavengers to cleanse dead cells from the body. Introduces orthomolecular nutrition and the essential vitamins and minerals specifically needed to solve individual health problems. Students will learn about amino acids, the “building blocks of protein” within the brain and body.

IW-404 – Orthomolecular Nutrition

Introduces students to the concept of optimal health and longevity through nutrition, not only to maintain physical and mental heath, but also to prevent disease. Orthomolecular nutrition is based on diet and supplementation of the essential vitamins and minerals. Psychosomatic conditions resulting from improper diet will also be reviewed.

IW-405 – Diet and Nutrition

Explores the connection between food and consciousness, bringing together the timeless insights of the East with the modern scientific discoveries of the West. Students will learn the importance of nutrition in a holistic and comprehensive approach, not only the biochemistry, physiology, and pharmacology of nutrition, but also the practicality of its application.

IW-503 – Herbology

A comprehensive study of herbology, introducing the student to the field of medicinal herbs and providing a classical background in traditional Herbology. Students will learn the difference between medicinal and poisonous plants, as well as the identifying plant characteristics of root, leaf, blossom, and maturity, and will become more confident, self-reliant, healthier, and better educated in the healing power of plants.

IW-603 – Nutrition

Designed to present the chemical reactions and processes induced in the body as a result of the standard American diet. Students will learn the principles of wellness, nutrition, and disease prevention, along with the nutritional chemistry required to reach a greater health potential. The laws and principles of chemical reactions that regularly take place within the body will be covered as well.

IW-604 – Nutrition in Action

Explores the major challenges in nutrition in American society, and addresses concerns such as pesticides, degraded foods, contamination, antibiotics, and the quality of our drinking water. Modern, food-related health problems such as osteoporosis, obesity, heart disease, and cancer will be studied. Other topics include anti-oxidants, safety of nutritional supplements, good quality fats, and the importance of a personal exercise and nutrition program.

IW-606 – Children’s Health

Addresses the subject of optimal nutrition for children and presents nutritional requirements and strategies for different ages. How to handle common childhood aliments and build physical fitness will be covered. This course provides important information for building a solid foundation for children’s health in the hope of preventing future nutritionally related health problems.

IW-711 – Introduction to Psychology I

Uses a proven problem-solving approach to help you discover how to apply psychology to your everyday life. Focusing on the “why” behind psychological processes before introducing what they are and how they work. Our brains are filled with psychological “tools” that control everything from emotion to memory, and each helps us adapt and solve important everyday problems.

IW-715 – Body Chemistry & Nutrition

Introduces students to the importance of the twenty-one key chemical elements of the human body, and provides valuable information on recommended daily intake for longevity and good heath. Students will learn how body chemistry relates to food chemistry. This course is a guide to better health, including how to maintain health and how to avoid dangers to health. Subjects such as electrolytes, bone markers, blood builders, enzymes, and hormones will be covered.

IW-722 – Interpersonal Communications

Interpersonal Communication offers a blend of theory and skills that students can use to become “other-oriented”-mindfully considerate of the thoughts, needs, and values of others. Fueled by the authors’ conviction that “skills inform principles; principles inform skills,” Interpersonal Communication: Relating to Others maintains a careful balance between theoretical and skills-oriented material.

IW-907 – Health Psychology

Introduces the field of health psychology and explains how psychological concepts can be applied to health care. The Systems of the Body brings a more biological focus to the text, while real-life examples bring immediacy and increased understanding to students. Valuable resource for students, instructors and practitioners of psychology, nursing, medicine, public health and epidemiology.

Practicum Courses

IB-702 – Practicum Workshop II

A residential workshop or providing proof of practical experience in order to demonstrate the student’s ability to implement the concepts studied during his or her educational program. Students will engage in critical examination of numerous live practicum cases. This course can be substituted attending a Congress hosted by Quantum University.

IB-801 – Clinical Internship or Mentorship

This course tracks and monitors a 1000 Hours of practical experience monitored by a web mentorship program. During this mentorship the student must implement the concepts studied during his or her educational program. He or she must demonstrate the clinical application and professional implementation of a multi-dimensional model of natural medicine.

Dissertations Courses

ID-900 – Dissertation Methodology

Teaches the methodology for creating and structuring a dissertation thesis. It will also display examples of successful dissertation project and guide you to find own personal thesis topic for you project. This course is designed to guide the process of creating the dissertation thesis and provides the necessary technical support for producing a dissertation.

ID-901 – Dissertation Research Project I

Written dissertation project for a Certification or Master’s degree. A dissertation is a formal, written report of a research effort. It presents objective, rational documentation in support of a particular idea, argument, or perspective on a problem or issue worthy of research. Minimum requirement: 20 to 25 pages.

ID-902 – Dissertation Research Project II

Written dissertation project for a Doctorate degree. A dissertation is a formal, written report of a research effort. It presents objective, rational documentation in support of a particular idea, argument, or perspective on a problem or issue worthy of research. Minimum requirement: 40 to 45 pages.

ID-903 – PhD Dissertation Research Project

Written dissertation project for a PhD. A dissertation is a formal, written report of a research effort. It presents objective, rational documentation in support of a particular idea, argument, or perspective on a problem or issue worthy of research. Minimum requirement: 100 to 125 pages.


Dr Amit Goswami, PhD

Dr Amit Goswami, PhD

Read More

Amit Goswami, Ph. D. is professor emeritus in the physics department of the University of Oregon, since 1968. He is a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called science within consciousness. Goswami is the author of the highly successful textbook Quantum Mechanics. Goswami has also written eight popular books based on his research on quantum physics and consciousness.In his seminal book, The Self-Aware Universe, he solved the quantum measurement problem elucidating the famous observer effect while paving the path to a new paradigm of science based on the primacy of consciousness. Subsequently, in The Visionary Window, Goswami demonstrated how science and spirituality could be integrated. Goswami’s most recent book, The Quantum Doctor integrates conventional and alternative medicine. In his private life, Goswami is a practitioner of spirituality and transformation. He calls himself a quantum activist. He appeared in the film “What the Bleep Do We Know”.
Dr Gueatan Chevalier, PhD

Dr Gueatan Chevalier, PhD

Read More

Dr. Chevalier received his PhD. in Engineering Physics at the University of Montreal, Polytechnic School, where he worked on the first measurements of the nuclear magnetic dipole and quadrupole moments of the 91Zr isotope. He then became a Post-Doctoral Scholar at the “Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique” (National Scientific Research Institute) in Varennes (near Montreal) Canada, where he developed carbon probes to measure neutral particle flux on the inner walls of the “Tokamac de Varennes.” He then went to UCLA where he first worked as a Post-Doctoral Scholar in the PISCES group of the M.A.N.E. (Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering) Department. Later he became a staff member of the Low Energy Plasma Group of the Electrical Engineering Department. He was also Director of Research at the California Institute for Human Science.
Dr Faith Nelson, PhD

Dr Faith Nelson, PhD

Read More

Dr Faith Nelson has worked for the past 28 years as a Health professional. Her career includes a variety of health professional settings. Faith’s alopathic background had an emphasis in the Critical Care and Integrative Medicine fields. Dr. Nelson has been cross-trained in many disciplines. Fifteen years of her Nursing career were spent in a variety of Intensive Care settings and specialty areas, where she practiced as a clinician and supervisor. During this time, she pursued her interests in the eclectic fields of Integrative Medicine. As an Electromedicine Nurse Specialist. Faith also pursued alternative approaches to healing. Dr Nelson’s PhD is in the field of Integrative Medicine. She also has a Theological Degree in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. Faith currently has training certifications in over twelve healing modalities. Her eclectic background includes a wide range of skills, trainings, and certifications in the fields of holistic health, such as Quantum Biofeedback Diplomate/Instructor, Auriculotherapy, Licensed Massage Therapist, Clinical Essential Oils Instructor, Registered Wellness Consultant, Reflexology/Acupressure, Touch for Health/PKP, Reiki Master, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Certified Homeopathic Therapist,and other Energy Medicine work. Since 1987, Faith has also practiced privately in the field of Integrative Medicine and complements these approaches with the Quantum SCIO Biofeedback device. She currently is co-owner of Focus On Health, educating, consulting, and providing alternative healthcare services.
Dr Paul Drouin, M.D.

Dr Paul Drouin, M.D.

Read More

Doctor Paul Drouin is a Canadian M.D., as well as a Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Quantum Naturopath, and Professor of Integrative Medicine. He has dedicated his life to the promotion of natural health, the prevention of disease, and to bringing a greater depth and understanding to Quantum Medicine. Dr. Drouin has twenty-five years of experience as a Family Doctor. He spent twenty years exploring both traditional and alternative methods to further his knowledge of curative, preventive, and Integrative Medicine. He has practiced and researched new approaches to medicine and is an ardent promoter of innovative methods of evaluation as a way to integrate quantum consciousness into the art of healing. In French Canada, he is considered a pioneer in his field. At the present time, he is professor of Integrative Medicine in Hawaii, where all of his energy is dedicated to consolidating his knowledge of naturopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, quantum physics and advanced biofeedback into a model of Quantum Medicine. As a result of these efforts and service was the establishment of the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (IQUIM).
Dr Terry Oleson, PhD

Dr Terry Oleson, PhD

Read More

Dr. Terry Oleson is an internationally known lecturer in the field of auriculotherapy. He received his PhD. in Psychobiology from the University of California at Irvine in 1973 and went on to conduct pioneering research on auricular diagnosis and auricular acupuncture at the UCLA Pain Management Center. Dr. Oleson has published over 30 scientific articles and two books on auricular acupuncture, including the Auriculotherapy Manual: Chinese and Western Systems of Ear Acupuncture and the International Handbook of Ear Reflex Points. Dr. Oleson has presented his work on standardized auricular nomenclature at meetings of the World Health Organization in 1990 and has been a principal speaker at other international symposiums on auricular medicine held in France in 1994 and 2000 and in China in 1995 and 2005. Dr. Oleson was in charge in the organization and promotion of the very successful International Consensus conference on Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy, and Auricular Medicine that was held in 1999 and again in 2006. Currently, Dr. Oleson is the Research Director at the American University of Complementary Medicine and Chair of the Department of Psychology at the California Graduate Institute. He is President of the Auriculotherapy Certification Institute and is on the Board of Directors for the Society for Acupuncture Research. In 1998, Dr. Oleson received the Auricular Acupuncture of the Year Award from the International Congress of Chinese Medicine.
Dr Patrick K. Porter, PhD

Dr Patrick K. Porter, PhD

Read More

Patrick K. Porter, PhD. is an award-winning author, entrepreneur, and speaker. With 24 years of experience operating the largest self-help franchise, he has become a highly sought-after expert within the personal improvement industry. He is the creator of ZenFrames®, which uses Creative Visualization and Relaxation to help people overcome stress and insomnia, lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, accelerate learning, and much more. Previously, he founded Positive Changes®, the world’s largest franchise network of lifestyle improvement centers. Dr. Porter’s successes were featured in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, People, Entrepreneur, and INC, as well as ABC, NBC, CBS, and the Discovery Channel. He is the author of many works, including books Thrive In Overdrive, How to Navigate Your Overloaded Lifestyle, and his bestseller, Awaken the Genius, Mind Technology for the 21st Century, which was awarded “Best How-To Book of 1994” by the North American Book Dealers Exchange. He is also author of Discover the Language of the Mind, and Six Secrets of G.E.N.I.U.S. Dr. Porter has produced an arsenal of more than 300 audio-recorded motivational programs and creative visualization processes, and has sold more than a million books and recordings worldwide.


WONM – World Organization of Natural Medicine

WONM - World Organization of Natural Medicine
The World Organization of Natural Medicine’s University of Humanitarian Medicine doctoral and post doctoral fellowship programs are formalized eldership development effort which focuses on propagating traditional natural medicine and humanitarian medicine delivery through research. WONM doctoral and post graduate candidates are restricted to graduates of UH affiliate educational institutions (WONM Universities Federation) and members. WONM”s University of Humanitarian Medicine is authorized to grant doctoral degrees and post doctoral fellowships by authority of its charter under the International Parliament for Safety and Peace.

BNMD – Board of Natural Medicine Doctors & Practitioners

BNMD - Board of Natural Medicine Doctors & Practitioners-North America
BNMDP-NA is a non-profit organization serving as a Registry for Doctors and Practitioners of Traditional Natural Medicine in North America, with affiliates that administer clinical competency examinations for certification. BNMDP-NA certifies and maintains educational standards for Natural Medicine Doctors & Natural Medicine Practitioners in North America. They focus on spreading the philosophy of Natural Medicine by advertising: Media, Sponsorship, Wellness Expositions, Seminars, and Lectures. In addition, they collaborate with other groups within natural medicine with similar objectives and goals.

AAMA – American Alternative Medical Association

AAMA - American Alternative Medical Association
The American Alternative Medical Association is a division of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification & Accreditation Board, which was established in 1990. The AAMA is dedicated to promote an enhanced professional image and prestige among doctors of traditional and non-traditional therapies and methodologies. The AAMA’s national and international membership body is made up of NDs, NMDs, DNs, DOs, DCs, PhDs, MDs, DDSs, AyDs, DDs, OMDs, and other alternative health care doctors. The AAMA does not cater only to one field of health care practitioner, but unites all professional doctors that educate and practice the benefits of alternative health care. As other organization’s benefits are limited to educational discounts, car rental discounts and seminars. The AAMA’s benefits can help promote you and your practice.


iPad Pro 128GB Wifi

This program is available on an iPad Pro Wifi Space Gray 128GB. Silver, Gold or Rose Gold colors available upon request only. Please expect 2 – 4 weeks for processing, set up and mailing.”

Required Textbooks

– Auriculotherapy Manual: Ear Acupuncture by Dr Terry Oleson
– Combining Old and New: Naturopathy for the 21st Century by Robert J. Thiel
– Creative Evolution: A Physicist’s Resolution by Amit Goswami
– Diet and Nutrition: A Holistic Approach by Rudolph Ballentine
– Discover the Language of the Mind by Dr Patrick Porter
– Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Body Chemistry & Nutrition by Bernard Jensen
– Enzymes, the Key to Health by Howard F. Loomis
– Heal with Amino Acids and Nutrients by Billy Jay Sahley
– Human Anatomy & Physiology by Elaine N. Marieb, Katja Hoehn
– Interpersonal Communication: Relating to Others by Steven A. Beebe
– Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions by Gerald Corey
– Kid Smart: Raising a Healthy Child by Cheryl Townsley
– Natural Home Health Care Using Essential Oils by Daniel, M.D. Penoel
– Nature Doctors Pioneers in Naturopathic Medicine by Friedhelm Kirchfeld
– Naturopathy Understanding the Healing Power of Nature by Stewart Mitchell
– Philosohy of Natural Therapeutics by Dr. Henry Lindlahr
– Physics of the Soul: The Quantum Book by Amit Goswami
– Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch
– Psychology: The Adaptive Mind by James S. Nairne
– Putting It All Together: The New Orthomolecular Nutrition by Abram Hoffer
– The Ethics of Touch by Ben E. Benjamin and Cherie Sohnen-Moe
– The New Nutrition: Medicine for the Millennium by Michael Colgan
– The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook by Alan Keith Tillotson
– The Psychology of Health and Health Care by Deborah Hunt Matheson
– The Quantum Doctor: A Physicist’s Guide by Amit Goswami
– The Self-Aware Universe by Amit Goswami


This program is a combined Bachelor, Master, Doctorate and PhD. To be admitted to this program, a student must have a high school diploma and demonstrate the ability to succeed in college. The student should also have completed an Associate Degree or the equivalent. This requirement is not mandatory; it can also be fulfilled through a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the student’s life experiences. A student with a Bachelor’s Degree in a major that is not health related (i.e. business, arts, communication, etc.) will automatically be eligible.

Please Note


A Doctorate in Natural Medicine is NOT equivalent or comparable to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a Doctor in Naturopathy (ND) or a Doctor in Integrative Medicine (IMD). Only Medical or Naturopathic Doctor University with residential education can issue MD or ND degrees. In addition, for Doctor in Integrative Medicine the ‘I-MD’ is a professional designation only granted to licensed doctor, nurse or practitioner.

The title of ‘Doctor’ or ‘Dr’ creates confusion in states and provinces, where the practice of naturopathy is regulated or where the designation ‘Doctor’ or ‘Dr’ is protected by professional boards or the government. In advertising, a practitioner should have a PhD Degree in order to professionally use the appellation ‘Doctor’ or ‘Dr’ and must state their level of education such as “John Smith, DNM, PhD, Doctorate in Natural Medicine”.

Not Included

Any cost associated with the items below are not included in the cost of the tuition:
– Required Textbooks and DVDs
– Internship or Mentorship Cost

Refund Policy

All payments are non-refundable
However they are transferable to any other IQUIM courses or programs of the same value.

Benefits of a certification as an ‘DNM – Doctor in Natural Medicine’ recognized by the BNMDP-NA – Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners.

  1. Professional recognition throughout North America and accreditation in the United States and Canada with portability to more than twenty countries around the world.
  2. Certification as a DNM – Doctor of Natural Medicine in North America is recognized as meeting the standards in Natural Medicine as established by the World Organization of Natural Medicine.
  3. The standards for Natural Medicine Doctor under BNMDP-NA are parallel to and, in some instances, surpass the curricula for “accredited Naturopathic Doctors” and other Natural Medicine Doctors.
  4. Prestige of belonging to a vanguard organization that is composed of highly trained, qualified professionals with strong ethical principles.
  5. Eligibility for special group rate on malpractice insurance and eligibility for reimbursement of service fee by certain major insurance companies.
  6. PhD credentials in your professional career will confirm you as an authority in Natural Medicine and increase your capacity for potential and future income growth in your health career.

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