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We are excited to share the stories of many of our graduates who have become successful practitioners, manifesting their life’s passion by finding fulfilling jobs or enhancing their chosen careers with a Quantum University education.

These students decided to follow their passion and enroll, and their Quantum University education changed their lives.

See why they encourage you to do the same!


Wellness Center Owner

Dr. Charlene Reeves

Dr. Charlene Reeves graduated with a Doctorate and PhD of Natural Medicine and owns the “Naramata Lifestyle” Wellness Center in Penticton, BC, Canada.

“Stepping into Natural Medicine and earning credentials through Quantum University has opened up a whole new world of opportunities to me, but my biggest accomplishment so far has been to open up my beautiful wellness center.”

- Dr. Charlene Reeves

Dr. Helga Zelinsky

Dr. Helga Zelinsky graduated with a Doctorate and PhD of Natural Medicine and has a successful wellness center in Lancaster, Ontario, Canada.

“Anyone who is interested in a career in a health-related field should enroll in Quantum University because quantum medicine is the medicine of the future, and the quality and value of the education is tremendous.”

- Dr. Helga Zelinski


Health Care Professionals

Registered Nurse

Dr. Lynn Lind

Lynn Lind, RN, earned a Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine. She’s the owner of Re-Generation Health in Glens Falls, New York.

“I’ve been on this journey for a really long time. I’ve been doing all kinds of different things and what this program has done is pulled it all together and given me credentials that I’ve been wanting for a really long time, and I feel really good about that, and it just makes me feel a little bit more confident.”

- Dr. Lynn Lind


- Dr. Michael Christian

Dr. Michael Christian added a Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine to his credentials and incorporated that knowledge into his Optometry practice in Victoria, Australia.

“[…] and up popped Quantum University. I couldn’t believe it. Honestly, I thought, this is exactly what I’m looking for! And here I am today.”

- Dr. Michael Christian

Child Behavioral Disorder Specialist

Dr. Andreas Holzer

Dr. Andreas Holzer graduated with a Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine. He teaches in a vocational school in Neunkirchen, Austria, and specializes in behavioral disorders in children.

“It’s very important science because it is for our next generation in children. They have such a high consciousness and knowledge they bring here in this world […] I use this work, this science as a bridge to introduce the parents what is working behind the children, how they are used to see this world with the eyes of the children.

- Dr. Andreas Holzer

Licensed Massage Therapist

Dr. Diane Pine

Dr. Diane Pine expanded the scope of her massage therapy practice in Dayton, Ohio, by earning a Doctorate and PhD of Natural Medicine.

“Dr. Paul and what he’s created is like a prayer answered starting off with the Quantum Biofeedback. We were lost. We were practitioners that were just lost. He came in and brought it all together and this is what he’s created.”

- Dr. Diane Pine

Academic Lecturer

Dr. Diane Pine

Dr. Hortensia Nunez earned a Doctorate and Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine and is on the faculty of Florida National University in Miami, Florida.

“I want to bring this to the Hispanic community. I am part of the faculty of Florida International University, also part of the board of the Spiritual Program of FIU, Florida International University, and of human trafficking. I am involved in many activities and I know that this knowledge, information that I’m getting, I will put it in use with all the people that I am surrounded.”

- Dr. Hortensia Nunez

Author and Speaker

Dr. Roland Thomas

Dr. Roland Thomas earned a Doctorate and PhD of Natural Medicine and is the author of two books and a frequent speaker at conferences and on radio in the USA and Canada.

“What attracted me to IQUIM were academics like Amit Goswami, PhD, Bruce Lipton, PhD, and Paul Drouin, MD, and knowing that in the courses of study, the Mind/Body connection would be as ONE. A true holistic and scientific experience encompassing our current awareness of the quantum wellness reality.”

- Dr. Roland Thomas

Spiritual Teacher

Dr. Zuluan Orion

Dr. Zuluan Orion earned a Doctorate and PhD of Natural Medicine. His healing practice includes teaching Meditation and Spiritual Balance in Weston, Florida.

“Thank you so much to this school. Thank you so much for Dr. Paul and Dr. Goswami for the amazing curriculum they made. I think its a real “bridge” from consciousness to medicine to how we perceive the world.”

- Dr. Zuluan Orion

Biofeedback Specialist

Dr. Dawn Singleton

Dr. Dawn Singleton graduated with a Doctorate and PhD of Natural Medicine and practices Biofeedback with a specialty in head injuries on the Big Island of Hawaii.

“I chose QU primarily because it is teaching the cutting edge kind of education I believe is necessary to change the world. The cost and ease of attending and completing coursework was also paramount in my decision making.”

- Dr. Dawn Singleton

PTSD Expert

Dr. Andrea Mills

Dr. Andrea Mills earned her Doctorate and PhD of Natural Medicine and is an expert on Detox, PTSD, Quantum Biofeedback, and Nutrition in Maui, Hawaii.

“This was such an inspiration to put together a dissertation. Wow, what fun that is. I was combining the first 20 years of my life when I was in the army. A big issue right now that’s been in the news is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

- Dr. Andrea Mills

Vibrational Practitioner

Dr. Christiane Piché-Séguin

Dr. Christiane Piché-Séguin earned her Doctorate and PhD of Natural Medicine and has created a unique healing practice with sound called Vibra Sound Healing in Ontario, Canada.

“Vibrational Medicine is energy in motion. I use my harp and specific frequencies to balance and heal the body.”

- Dr. Christiane Piché-Séguin

Research Consultant

Dr. Mike O'Leary

Dr. Mike O’Leary earned a Doctorate and PhD of Natural Medicine and is now Director of US Operations for Oxford Biolabs in Fargo, North Dakota, USA

“I considered many other schools in the Natural Medicine or health field, but found that IQUIM gave me the most flexibility and had some of the best partnerships with other organizations and high quality professors.”

- Dr. Mike O’Leary


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