The Science of Spontaneous Healing

The Science of Spontaneous HealingThe idea of spontaneous healing related to consciousness as brought forth by Dr. Deepak Chopra with his best-selling book in the nineties, “Quantum Healing”, revolutionized the world of Quantum Medicine. Unexpectedly, he noted, patients that medicine had discarded or predicted a fatal outcome for, would heal after experiencing a new awareness about their situation. A vocabulary emerged to describe the workings of these ‘magical’ healings as a: “Quantum leap of awareness”. This was not a new phenomenon, or one that medicine may have tagged as: wrongly diagnosed, previously eliminated, or resulting from an error in filling out the patient’s information. These sporadic events had already been common knowledge in the history of humanity. In another time we called them miraculous healings, and left the scientific community out of it when they didn’t have the capacity to understand what was really going on.

But today, what if I were to tell you that the science for Quantum healing is available, and that this knowledge makes perfect sense according to the views of modern quantum physics? Not only that, but we can teach you a step-by-step approach as to how to make these events more likely to happen. Who would not be interested in this knowledge? If you are involved in the studies of Natural or Alternative medicine, or are a medical doctor or other health care professional facing the limits of conventional cures on a daily basis, would you not be curious about this? Why should this not be taught at medical schools – the science of healing – as part of a curriculum for Natural and Integrative medicine; or at least as a perspective on the healing of disease that provides an alternative to a fatalistic prognosis?

After Dr. Chopra’s book “Quantum Healing”, many others: patients, doctors, and writers, have added their testimonies to this phenomenon. Certainly, Dr. Goswami in his book, “Quantum Doctor”, has contributed a major piece of the scientific foundation for, and understanding of, Quantum healing; with the added concept of Quantum Creativity. Today, Quantum University has embedded this critical information and more in a comprehensive curriculum; pushing the frontier of a new model of health care education. This understanding of the science of spontaneous healing is being taught in order to bring a new breath of healing and quantum insights into the health care field; to give health care professionals the opportunity to explore new creative approaches, and expand our understanding of what leads to a permanent cure for disease.

By Dr. Paul Drouin


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Sebastiao Camalacuca

since consciousness is the ground of all being (creativity and infinity of possibilities) and our genes change in response to a signal in the environment. therefore they are not deterministic. knowing that our body and brain are not a structure but a process in constant recycling then I agree that spontaneous healing can be achieved.


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Theresa Buede

Since discovering in 2011 the incredible, life saving impact my own conscious choice can have on my very life, many unexpected blessings have shown up. Difficulties and human pain have still been a part of my experiences, but shifting my perspective to consciously envision, feel and step into a knowing faith of a miraculous outcome has allowed healing from cancer to alter my body.


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Gemma Clare

As a holistic practitioner, one of the saddest things I see is when I am working with patients who are ‘unaware’ of how their choices and actions determine their wellbeing. Patients can be shown ‘another way’ but they will only be able to shift state if they are open to it and from my experience most people want a ‘quick fix’ rather than committing to the personal responsibility that the spiritual healing process requires.


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