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Quantum Superlearning TechnologyAfter years of advising prospective students, we found that those who had a strong desire to earn a degree, yet put off enrolling, had one thing in common: They were all afraid that they no longer had the mind power to learn and retain so much new information. In response, we worked with Dr. Porter, the creator of ZenFrames™ and MindFit Portable Achievement devices, to develop a “Quantum Superlearning Technology”, to help them overcome these fears and to optimize their ability to learn and succeed in achieving their academic goals.

When developing this technology, we applied the knowledge of some of the same quantum concepts that we teach, to enable students to perform at their highest level possible. This system takes into account knowing that a whole-brain state and alpha/theta brainwave frequencies create the optimum learning environment; and that when learning happens at the level of quantum consciousness, the information is more easily retained and recalled as needed.

The MindFit specialty glasses are equipped with pulsating light frequencies which combine with rhythmic binaural beats, creative visualization/relaxation (CVR), and mind-music to reduce stress, relax, and entrain the brain into a state of consciousness that heightens clarity and focus. This helps the student to get motivated, think clearly, stay focused, and easily retain and recall what they have learned. We have taken this even one step further by enabling a student to review, in this subliminal mode of consciousness, the main points of every lecture. Dr. Porter’s recorded voice, in conjunction with the other aspects of the MindFit technology, guides a student through the highlights of each main course lecture. These recordings can be loaded onto the student’s iPad, along with other bonus relaxing and uplifting meditations and visualizations from Dr. Porter’s library.

This technology not only benefits a student’s ability to learn, but has several added health benefits as well, including: increasing blood flow to and balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain; an increase in serotonin and endorphin levels; reduced need for sleep; and an improved ability to handle stress.*

This “Quantum Superlearning Technology” is unique to Quantum University and is the first of its kind in the context of an online university. It has realized a lot of success amongst our students. In many ways we are trying to not only build a new medical curriculum for Integrative medicine based on quantum physics, but also to build an education system that incorporates these concepts to enable students to achieve their own maximum potential and enhance their own wellbeing while going through this learning process.

For more information on “Quantum Superlearning”, click here.

By Dr. Paul Drouin


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