The Power of Intention Applies to the “One” who has the Desire to Heal Others…

The Power of IntentionOne of my personal beliefs is: if you have a real desire to heal others, and that is your mission, then the universe will provide you in time with what is needed to make this happen. What is required is a little leap of faith. The same trust that one should have later on, when the time comes, to teach clients that something greater is in control here, and that the universe is playing in favor of their healing.

One day, when I was in Canada for a conference, I met a true healer. She was offering her natural care services from a small office in her backyard with insufficient credentials. What was special about her? I recognized at first sight that she was a gifted healer who was having a hard time supporting her five children with her main source of income. Like many others who consider going into the field of healing and who respond to this genuine desire to heal others, she had faced the challenges of lack of financing and time availability. As the only provider for her five children, life didn’t give her the opportunity to go to medical school, and she obviously didn’t have the finances to be able to afford her own education. She also had to face the hard reality of wondering when she would have the time to study, when she already had her hands full with her family.

Why is it that in this society, even when there is an urgent need for healthcare practitioners, that the process to become one of them is not that easy, and it will often disqualify many of its best potential candidates? Medical doctors are selected for medical school based on their GPA, which most of the time reveals that the student has more abilities in mathematics and physics. Many people recognize today that gifted healers are not necessarily the ones that perform the best at school in these subjects. The mission-belief statements of any medical university should include:

The story of this gifted healer did have a happy ending. She was given the opportunity to study at Quantum University, and in the end became a Doctor in Natural Medicine with a PhD. Her children looked at her as a hero. Very soon afterwards, she moved into larger facilities and was able to make a living for her family, while practicing her passion to help others to heal. The universe had conspired to make her desire to heal others happen.

By Dr. Paul Drouin


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Tadeusz Trent

I received today via USPS my Bachelor Degree Diploma from IQUIM. Having other diplomas from another University? I am having my Best Day Yet in my life. Thank you IQUIM


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Daniel Fisseha

My friend passed away about two years ego. He had thyroid cancer. To my opinion he could have been saved but with laser and chemo treatment. I could not even recognized him. He could not eat and was using tube to feed himself. He believed the doctors that promise him of hope. What a disgrace with this people. Anyways that led me to do research and help people that i know to take care of themselves. That is why, I joined Quantwm university. And I have a passion to heal people. What a wonderful school. I learn a lot since I joined. Thank you.


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Neil Dougan

The barriers to a commercial success as a healer in an alternative modality are many and various. Like many others I am sometimes staggered for words when I see how much money is consumed by the Allopathic Medical Industry with it’s hospitals, insurance companies and the entire government support system behind it. In many ways doing what we do is like swimming upstream. I am certain however that we can turn ourselves around and swim with the flow – well after a fashion any way! It is a matter of recognising that the real river you need to be swimming in is the one which is full of clients looking for help. These clients have a suite of natural expectations as well as another natural suite of fears of doubts. Matching our metaphorical stroke as we swim in this river with both the clients needs, desires, fears and doubts on all levels. It is not the river of medical establishment structure and antagonistic laws that we need to focus on. I decided to work toward the IQUIM qualifications for this very reason. I wasn’t looking for a whole new set of knowledge, I am already perpetually learning new and improved ways to work with consciousness to affect the change process at all levels of our being, but rather an avenue to get me more fully into a place where there was obvious evidence to the client of the more of the subtle things that clients were looking for. Particularly things like associations with professional groups of standing and a title like PhD or Doctor. With those limited expectations in place as I started following the lectures, it is a pure pleasure to find that the first two papers I have completed were jam packed full of new ways for me to approach what I do – this is a completely unexpected bonus! Many of these in the subtlest areas of knowing.

Thanks Dr Paul and IQUIM for putting this together.


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