The one who heals is the one who is ‘right’… not always!

The one who heals is the one who is ‘right’… not always!One of my dear teachers in homeopathy, more precisely in homotoxicology, would often say in defense of homeopathy, “the one who heals is the one who is right”. Obviously I will admit that it was not the most scientific statement, but still, it reflects some common sense.

After I had been practicing homeopathy for a few years as part of my integrative medical practice, a man came to consult with me for a difficult problem. A diagnosed diabetic for many years, he had developed a very bad lesion on one of his feet. This lesion was not healing, even though he was receiving all of the standard medical attention he could, with intensive care at the infected area. After the orthopedic surgeon advised him that the next step would be amputation, he followed the advice of his friends and came to visit me.

Attentively I listened to his story. I suggested in this circumstance, that some typical homeopathy suitable for his condition be applied. I didn’t expect too much and didn’t want to create impossible expectations in his mind. Anyway, I asked him to be very discrete no matter what the results were, since I knew the orthopedic surgeon and didn’t want to be the object of criticism. Plus I knew that if the patient improved, that it would still not be enough to convince him of the benefits of homeopathy.

A few weeks later, the client came back for a consult, and exceeding all my expectations, his foot was no longer at risk for an amputation. In his enthusiasm from the result, he attempted to convert the orthopedic surgeon to homeopathy. But as expected, the specialist, overwhelmed by his scientific superiority, just had a big laugh.

Why would he not at least be curious and investigate what the factor was that could have made the difference? Because what mattered to him, was to follow the standard recognized and accepted model of conventional healing. Sadly, the medical doctor will often expose himself to reprimand by his peers and lawsuits if he ventures outside of the mainstream.

The one who heals is ‘right’… not always!

By Dr. Paul Drouin


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Ronald McBride

Well Dr. Paul it has become more and more evident that main stream doctors will not listen or do anything that the pharmaceutical Co’s wont allow.


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Cheryl Schuh

I have been working with over 90% rectificiation and recognize that most chronic disease states are misalignments of the Spirit FIRST followed by mental disharmony which ends up in the tissue systems of the body. TRY SELLING THAT to an allopath! Through exclusively working with bringing a client up to their highest coherence through Energy I hold them in allows their body to release stressors and harmonizes their mental busy-ness to bring about new ways of being. From there education in toxicity release, proper diet, exercise and mental harmony go far in keeping the Spirit mind and body in flow. One needs to be consious that if they are not Thriving they are in Atrophy and it is a daily moment by moment choice. Our world at large does not support this awareness.


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Ignacio Azevedo

“The parmaceutical industry does not create cures, they create customers”


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Jacqueline Anderson

After listening to Louise Hay’s World Summit this week, it seems there are a few medical doctors who have shifted beliefs/ expanded thoughts and become open to creating change. ‘Where thoughts go, energy flows’ the shift continues to evolve.


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