The Mirror Within: Is Seeing Believing?

Seeing is BelievingThe work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, which suggests that our thoughts and emotions can affect the structure of water, has been popularized in the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and diffused profusely on the internet. Is blood not essentially water?

Medical doctors may have a difficult time accepting that you can look at the blood not only in quantitative terms, but also from a qualitative perspective. In doing so, they are missing a big piece of the whole picture. You can’t tell me that the qualitative evaluation of patients, providing information about their physical traits and appearance, doesn’t bring important information to the diagnostic process.

For hundreds of years there have been clinical correlations with specific blood conditions. Observation of blood morphology through the use of dark field and phase contrast microscopy has been able to provide incalculable knowledge regarding what we call the ‘milieu intérieur’ (internal environment) of the body – or in an even more poetic language, ‘the mirror of the soul’. Today, many medical doctors, indoctrinated in a traditional Western scientific model of medicine, disregard these clinical correlations with the blood simply because it is not taught in medical schools.

In conventional hematology based on the Louis Pasteur [germ theory] point of view, blood is sterile and antibiotics are the therapeutic arsenal prescribed to handle the situation if there are invaders. “Not so fast”, according to Antoine Bechamps and many others. Based on years of observations of the ‘milieu intérieur’, the bioterrain of a person says many things about their health and can be influenced by several factors such as diet, stress, or emotional state, just to name a few.

Quantum Hematology (at, inspired by the principles of quantum physics, expands the depth of understanding of a person’s terrain to include the correlation of the vital, mental, supramental and spiritual energetic bodies, as described by Dr. Goswami, with observed changes in blood morphology. A subtle alteration viewed in the blood could indirectly reflect the activity of these nonlocal energetic bodies. According to quantum physics, the interaction between the vital body, as a subtle energy terrain, and the blood (physical aspect of the bioterrain) can be explained by the statement that both the vital body and blood are quantum possibilities of consciousness.

As it is possible to observe changes in the crystalline structure of water consequent to different emotional and mental states, so can the blood reflect nonlocal subtle energy body information. Seeing the unseen reflected in this precious tissue – is believing.

By Dr. Paul Drouin


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Alicia Kent
I find this article very interesting…….I worked as a Medical Lab Scientist in Heamatology for 30 years…and as well as all the structurally indicative features of disease seen under the microscope…I frequently sensed emotions and other such stuff from the samples….but “shut it down” so to speak, because this was not commonly accepted in that environment. I had numerous occasions to have my intuitions of the sample verified….but after 30 years it got too hard to always be shutting something down….and so now work as a Jin shin Do BodyMind Acupressurist….where I can use my intuitive analysis all I want :-)



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Magda Dekker
Emotions are the cause of so many illnesses. Working with Louise Hay’s books together with my Indigo ,
I lead such a lot of people to a better understand of themselves.
As I release the tension in the NLP program, and training their nervous system, they relax and many people just fall asleep.
We are BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT which can not be separated.
I really feel so blessed to look into people’s lives and really make a difference!



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