Integrating a Subtle Energy Anatomy: How do we Define the Concept of Energy?

How do we Define the Concept of EnergyIn developing a new paradigm for Integrative Quantum Medicine, it will be essential to define a language in which the worlds of conventional Western medicine and alternative medicine can communicate with each other, particularly in terms of energy. Very few people realize the importance of redefining a broader platform of understanding that will integrate both materialistic and energetic forms of medicine together. Medical interventionists on both sides will need to be able to speak the same language. In one system – energy doesn’t exist; in others – it means everything.

The concept of energy as it relates to the human body in conventional medicine is mechanistic, often discussed in terms of electrical current. On the other hand, in complementary or alternative medicine, this concept is used in different contexts without a common consensus as to its meaning. In Ayurvedic medicine, energy is referred to as prana, and flows through energy systems described as nadis and chakras. In Oriental medicine it is referred to as ch’i and the energy system is mapped out as meridians. In Homeopathy, it is referred to as vital force energy. Most of the time, other modalities refer to some type of healing energy, frequency or vibration. There is no common language or understanding amongst these traditions used to explain subtle energy.

As a medical doctor, I am very conscious that most of the major concepts that I have learned in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Taoist medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, have no equivalent or resonance in Western medicine. When I was a medical student, the curriculum to become a doctor was limited to anatomy, physiology, chemistry, microbiology, and other subjects that do not have the capacity to grasp the concepts of vital force energy, ch’i, prana or any other type of healing energy.

How does the mind relate to the body? How can we understand the relationship between emotion, conflicts and chronic diseases? I realized over time that the solution and cures for many diseases relied on the understanding of these factors. How would you feel if the mechanic that fixes your car had no clue about its electrical systems? Medicine is now facing the same challenge in trying to solve complex diseases with soley mechanistic and materialistic approaches – when the problem is at a much deeper level, requiring a more profound comprehension of the complexity of human reality.

Without a point of view such as the one defined by quantum physics, we can’t go beyond the seen to reach the unseen realities in the realm of non-locality. The new Integrative Quantum Doctor in the future will not only have to study the physical model of anatomy, but will also need to expand his or her knowledge to include what I call a subtle energy anatomy, based on the science of quantum physics and the most recent research in neuroanatomy.

By Dr. Paul Drouin


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Cynthia Llanes

Defining with the concept of energy is very important. But maybe explaining it or teaching it to transfer that knowledge is also as important to the process of understanding it. To explain the concepts that are not known to the majority of the world, the burden may fall on the Quantum Physicist, Doctor, and Energy Practitioners to use more specific mechanistic/common
language to describe these concepts for the Alopath or public to understand. Just as it is often the burden for the foreign language user to adapt to the most common language used in a given place. If this is done, then Energy practitioners must make an effort to remember where/what the ideas were before they were transferred into the more commonly used language. For example-Dr. Tennant uses the word Bio-Terminals to describe the Chakras and Meridians. He uses Hrtz to describe PH. Frequencies is a common word used for energy. I think it is important to be conscious of the initial source and of how we explain things in the simplest and most concrete manner so as to find a common understanding. Down fall may be that there is not always a word or phrase that can describe something in another language. In that case you can only come close to the meaning, and it is possible that full comprehension won’t exist without the experience, and then maybe still not. This is an important topic if Energy Professionals are to influence and scale others up to another way of thinking and perception. Other Quantum physics language can be used to describe and explain if the audience is educated in that area. Most simple and common denominators in there languageterms will be required for comprehension until the capacity for comprehension is expanded throughout the population.If someone really wants to learn the language (in an educational setting) deeper and quicker, then, maybe use of brain wave frequencies or Brain Entrainment could be used during learning to increase the their brain neuron-conductivity /plasticity for improved comprehension capacity. Of course this should not happen with the general population without consent. I am not sure I used the correct words to get my point across, but hopefully I explained some of my points sufficiently. It is important for us to be aware of communicating to be understood as full as possible with these important topics that are more complex to define. The word Subtle is very descriptive, but may give the impression that it is of lesser importance. And, I feel that it is more important in many ways than the physical energy that people talk about. Yet, that word may be as close as we can get to describing that complex idea into simple terms and still be understood by most people. Aura Energy, Internal, or External Energy Frequencies might be other word options to use. Must get back to studies now, Thank You;-).


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Mark Glasgow

“Every analysis of the conditions of human knowledge must rest on considerations of the character and scope of our means of communication.”

~ Niels Bohr ~

As Dr. Drouin adroitly points out, the idea of energy, as it is used when speaking of ‘subtle energy’ or in referring to an emerging science of subtle energy, typically evokes a range between passive and stiff resistance from the mainstream scientific community. However, if we take a moment to reflect on why this might be so, several reasons come to mind:

• At present there is no agreed-upon definition of subtle energy.
• Likewise, there is no widely accepted scientific theory of such energies.
• The very notion of subtle energy dates back to pre-scientific traditions.
• The notion of what subtle energy entails is perceived as overly subjective

While many of us may disagree, such objections should neither be trivialized nor thought of as simply ideological. Again, as Dr. Drouin explains, even in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), the concept of energy “is used in different contexts without a common consensus as to its meaning.” So, on the one hand, within CAM there is no consensus as to the meaning of energy, while on the other hand, the standard medical curriculum emphasizes a biochemical approach to alleviating disease symptoms, wherein, the discussion of energy is limited to the release of energy generated during catabolism.

It should be obvious, that if even at the aforementioned level, so little meeting of the minds has occurred, how much dialogue will be needed to arrive at any eventual consensus. It would also be naïve if we were to underestimate the very powerful transnational special interests deeply embedded in civil society, government, industry and the media, all deeply committed to maintaining an increasingly discredited status quo. However, I would like to point out another limitation in arriving at a consensus regarding quantum theory, the challenge posed in interpreting quantum theory consistently at both the microscopic and macroscopic levels. While quantum theory has captivated the popular imagination what is currently lacking even amongst physicists are proper categories of thought leading to an objectivization of properties currently considered as semantic.

What is undeniable is non-relativistic quantum mechanics is incompatible with our everyday or ‘classical’ intuitions about realism, not only at the microscopic level but also at the macroscopic level. The customary point of view is that the macroscopic objects we cognize are assumed to exist ‘out there’ independent of our experience. Physicists too have traditionally assumed this naïve realism at the level of observations. It has provided a natural starting point for physicists to visualize phenomena in space and time and then develop mathematical descriptions of their dynamics. In QT, however, the development of the mathematical formalism preceded space-time visualization of the phenomena. Cutting to the chase, the naïve realism (that objects actually exist out there) at the level of observations no longer suffices to yield a consistent space-time interpretation of quantum dynamics.

It is hardly surprising how daunting the challenge evolving quantum theory offers. Many false starts and dead ends will be traveled while unraveling our often confused attempts to eventually adequately describe in everyday ordinary language, our experience of objects in terms of their mutually shared spatiotemporal relations. After all, we are attempting what Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist, Richard Feynman described as choosing “to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics.” Despite the apparent impossibility of the task, it is reasonable to look for an alternative conception of macroscopic realism. To effectively do so, would truly represent a quantum leap in human thinking and lead to advances in the many fields that are ultimately reducible at least in principle to physical workings.

As Dr. Drouin repeatedly emphasizes, Quantum Medicine demands a requisite mindset, one disposed to questioning, critical thinking, and excellent training. I could not agree more and feel fortunate to be experiencing the Quantum University difference in my professional life. Where else but at IQUIM would a student find an institution of higher learning so completely committed to advancing knowledge while educating its students in cutting-edge medical science, quantum mechanics, and biotechnologies intended to best serve the world? IQUIM proves Einstein’s observation that “The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking. It is for this reason that the critical thinking of the physicist cannot possibly be restricted to the examination of the concepts of his own specific field. He cannot proceed without considering critically a much more difficult problem, the problem of analyzing the nature of everyday thinking.”

It is extraordinarily satisfying to be associated with an institution and faculty dedicated to using science in service of the human imperative. I am convinced that by doing so, IQUIM, its faculty, and students are energetically and informationally transforming the world in yet unseen ways. In my last post I commented how “In quantum theory, a single superposition state can give rise to multiple observation experiences, thereby, opening the door to confounding the classically determinate states that obtain in the world prior to and independent of our acts of observation.” While spending time in India, I learned in spiritual life, the end justifies the means. I cannot but see the integral unity between quantum theory and what I ultimately realized in my spiritual life and intuitively sense, that in treating others the totality of what it is to be human must be fully accounted for and embraced. Aloha…


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Gillian Douglas

It is with great interest that I am drawn to this venue of discussion that you provide! In understanding how conventional medicine in the West was taught, the dispensing of information and the naming of everything was so important in the transferring of information from one to another. In fact the more minutely the naming, the more complicated and greater cause for confusion between medical workers and patients.
Working in the medical field, not as a doctor but as a medical technologist, simplifying my language so that the patient could become comfortable with the procedure or at least trust being a part of it, was integral to a useful, helpful outcome.

After having to suffer being a patient due to a chronic illness for many years, and going through the gamut of tests, medical modes, losing faith in conventional techniques and turning to alternatives such as acupuncture, homeopathy, tai chi and eventually mindfulness and meditation sometimes with the open mindedness of my medical doctor, often with sceptacism by others , I found it was the words that caused the gaps.

It is only when in the depths of despair due to unbearable pain that I let go of the use of trying to find the right words and let my mind go to the place of rememberance of who I really am. I am not a body, I am free. I am as God created me. This thought came freely to me in meditation, or should I say in a moment of letting go of the need for words and allowing my conscious mind to be, just be, not do anything, not think anything.

Whether it be the book “The Tao of Physics” 30 years ago, or the sound of a ringing bell or Tibetan singing bowl, or the acupuncture needle pinpointing my pain and alleviating it when performed, or the timelessness felt when allowing the mantra “I am that I am” to hush the cacophony of words and noice in my head; the healing happened. Call it prayer call it the subtle energy that we all share, call it the willingness for healing to take place in my being. Whatever you “call” it, it is the stuff we are all made of! A few years back, a highly recognized physicist who is on the leading edge of quantum physics in Canada and who was discussing where the extrapolations of his
research were taking him, the implications were left unsaid by us as we realized that our discussions of science, religion and solutions to the seemingly ‘impossible’ lie. Perhaps just beyond our grasp, a few years ago, but certainly now, being proven time and again by the scientists, retested for flaws, misunderstood or just scared by their implications. The world is ready now. Our brains are capable of so much more in terms of knowing and communicating beyond words. The transfer of energy , information, healing, and in fact all things IS possible and is happening in spite of the words we use . Non- verbal communication, heart to heart cannot be misread. When academics can allow themselves to stop being so specialized and in a way isolated in their fields due to their their specific verbage or language of expertise, then they allow themselves to receive all of the information that is afforded to them from the universe! We all, as spiritual, human beings no matter our age, amount of verbal proficeincy or even mental clarity, we ALL have access to the same energy, to be able to tap into the healing we allow ourselves to admit to.

I am thrilled to have been led to the Quantum University recently, to get a glimpse of what I knew already existed, the global awakening to who we really are. It brings me joy and great peace to be able to communicate with you all in writing but moreso just knowing that this awakening is going on all over- there can be no doubt that even a paved road can be a path to enligtenment – even our quagmire of words and linguistic differences will not stop us from moving forward and reaching the oneness of healing through the transmission of all that we are to one another. Welcome home to our beautiful new world!


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Estrella Caban

Thank you so much for helping to make this information available to more people. It should be put to good use for the betterment of the world if we want it to continue to exist…
If in any way I can help, please fill free to contact me.
In the mean time… Keep up the good work!!!
Love n Blessings.


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Dr. Paul W Dyer Grandmaster

I so believe that this world on this plane is ready. The people are ready for their next elevation o truth. I have recent said in an blog i wrote that What I have learned in the different session of many painful mistakes is self acceptance. Self acceptance is about freedom. The freedom to be the best you can be and be happy with who you are and not. Learning to not be a slave to the needs we’re taught to believe in. It’s the freedom to look at yourself in the mirror and love and accept the person you see
looking back and the freedom to be happy to be in your own skin. True training in the martial arts and learning the science is one of the transformational moments in our lives. It doesn’t mean there aren’t things you’d like to change, or have new directions you’d like to grow. It means you’ve accepted yourself, with all your idea and now you can start moving in the positive directions needed for your life. These and techniques are what we learn when we practice the art and not a style or technique. we are here to educated others to bring them to the light and the Quantum University education is doing that through their courses. Me being for ever student I thank you all for the shared knowledge


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