Beyond Disease To Potentiality for Wellness: A New Perspective on Patient Evaluation

Beyond Disease To Potentiality for Wellness: A New Perspective on Patient EvaluationOne of the most interesting things I learned when I was at medical school was the evaluation of the patient. I soon realized that the difference between a very skilled clinician and an ordinary one was the effectiveness of their clinical evaluation. The questionnaire, the collection of symptoms and clinical signs, could already reveal the majority of issues facing the patient even before the lab tests were requested. I was fascinated by how the observation of the patient could reveal so much information. With the primary information gathered, the request for lab tests and further exams could be more selective and efficient. But never forget that traditionally, the main goal is to find out what’s wrong with the patient. In other words, medical doctors are trained to find the disease, and the better you are at it, the better doctor you are.

I remember that one day early on in my own practice I had this very well-known client living in town where I was doing my first consultations. I was a young medical doctor just out of university. When you are starting a medical practice in the country, you have to in some way prove yourself. I was certainly not the first person you would consult for a major health issue. But this notable client had already consulted everybody in the area and even went to the emergency room one weekend in desperation, before he knocked on my door. I had the advantage to have in mind more possibilities for diagnostics and unfortunately for him, I diagnosed lymphoma.

Many years later, when I began to study Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Naturopathy, I discovered that they provided more angles from which you could look at your client. Even I initially thought that these complementary medicines should all have something in common. But I soon realized that they were each providing different frames of reference for analysis, with their own language and parameters with which each one looked at a client. I realized that all of these systems of healing were revealing different layers of information in regards to a more complex reality. It took me many more years to find the common ground for all modalities of medicine – through the depth of reality as revealed by quantum physics.

Perhaps the most important realization I had through applying this expanded integrative approach, is that patient evaluation is not just about finding the problem or disease. Additional information about their bioterrain (biophysical, emotional, mental and spiritual terrain) can be obtained and when all areas are addressed, could lead to restoring them to optimum health. This is what Integrative Quantum Medicine is about – seeing the unseen or the immaterial aspect of the individual in order to be able to grasp a different quality of information that can be categorized at either the vital, mental or supramental levels of a subtle energy anatomy. It is about understanding the individual globally, looking at parameters that not only guide a doctor to an understanding of what is going wrong; but also to discover which proper elements need to be rebalanced so that the full potentiality of the client can be restored.

By Dr. Paul Drouin


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Wes Bastie

Thank you for sharing Dr. Drouin. The assessment must include a wide spectrum of symptoms beyond what blood, and urine can reveal. The quantum measurements reveal more patterns and influences that require attention. Leaving out the emotional and chakra connections to physical symptoms can only limit the ability to fully serve the purpose of restoring well being.


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