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Quantum Superlearning Technology

Quantum Superlearning Technology

After years of advising prospective students, we found that those who had a strong desire to earn a Quantum University degree, yet put off enrolling, had one thing in common: They all were afraid that they no longer had the mindpower to learn and retain so much new information. In response, we developed what is arguably the most advanced superlearning program ever devised. No other university in the world offers this superlearning advantage.

What is Quantum Superlearning? In other words, at Quantum University, we practice what we preach…

  • We know that when learning happens at the level of quantum consciousness, the information is more easily retained and recalled as needed.
  • We know that students who believe in themselves and their ability to learn are far more likely to succeed.
  • We know that a whole-brain state and that alpha/theta brainwave frequencies create the optimum learning environment.
  • We know that students who achieve the above are far more likely to graduate with the knowledge and credentials they need to succeed.

And that’s why we enhance your learning experience using the latest advancements in quantum learning and brainwave entrainment. In addition to receiving the iPad system for easy portable learning, students who enroll in one of the Quantum University degree programs may also receive a MindFit Superlearning System depending on their tuition award package.

The MindFit uses specialty glasses equipped with pulsating lights which combine with rhythmic beats and creative visualization/relaxation (CVR) sessions to help you get motivated, think clearly, stay focused, and easily recall what you’ve learned.

Quantum Superlearning Technology

Our superlearning system uses four mind technologies in one:

  1. Light Frequencies. These train your brain to operate in the best possible mode for creativity, focus, and mindfulness. This form of brainwave entrainment can transform you into a mental powerhouse with the right mindset, energy and clarity to accomplish your educational goals and, well…just about anything!
  2. Binaural Beats. Put simply, these are imbedded tones that the brain naturally follows into the alpha/theta brainwaive frequences, the states known for deep relaxation and peak performance. Within minutes your brain reaches an extraordinary state of consciousness that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.
  3. Creative Visualization/Relaxation (CVR). The CVR superlearning experience, produced by faculty member Patrick K. Porter, PhD, can help you change the way you view yourself and your life. Once you have a new image of yourself—as a healthy, happy, optimistic person—your fears and frustrations fade away and you no longer let learning new things stress you.
  4. Mind-Music. The music you hear on every process is designed to create a full 360 degree experience that floods your mind with beautiful images and peaceful thoughts.

Enjoy the Benefits of Superlearning!

CVR – Creative Visualization/Relaxation – Included on the iPad

  • AM Concentration
  • AM Motivation
  • AM Focus
  • PM Dreamtime
  • PM Release Negativity
  • PM Creating Your Success Time
  • 10 Minute ZenSync Meditation
  • 15 Minute ZenSync Meditation
  • 20 Minute ZenSync Meditation
  • 25 Minute ZenSync Meditation
  • Quantum SuperLearning Advantage
  • Ask, Believe & Receive Visualization
  • Awaken Your Senses & Create Your Future
  • Trust the Power of Infinite Intelligence
  • Find the Solution to Any Problem
  • Health Consciousness, Wealth Consciousness

CVR - Creative Visualization/Relaxation

Dare to relax with the Quantum University Superlearning System and you’ll enjoy all these benefits and more:

  • The right and left hemispheres of the brain become more balanced helping you feel centered and focused.
  • Blood flow to the brain increases, resulting in clearer thinking, better concentration, improved memory, and enhanced creativity.
  • Serotonin levels increase by up to 21 percent, calming the mind and body and creating an overall sense of well-being.*
  • Endorphin levels increase by up to 25 percent, providing the brain with alertness.*
  • Act as a natural anti-depressant, providing relief from pain, and creating pleasurable and loving feelings.*
  • Because 20 minutes on the MindFit can be equivalent to four hours of sleep, you’ll find yourself sleeping less, feeling more rested, and accomplishing more.*
  • And last, but certainly not least, you can gain a seemingly effortless ability to handle and manage stress.

To find out how you can benefit from the Quantum University Superlearning System and possibly earn your degree faster and with less stress, simply click the ‘Next’ buttom above to speak with one of our academic advisors.

* Dr. Roger K. Cady, Dr. Norman Shealy in “Neurochemical Responses to Cranial Electrical Stimulation and Photo-Stimulation via Brain Wave Synchronization.” Study by the Shealy Institute of Comprehensive Health Care, Springfield, Missouri, 1990, 11 pp.

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