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Advantages to Online Learning

Advantages to Online Learning

The key advantages of our online programs are many and varied, and were designed with you, the busy adult learner, in mind. Here is a short list of the advantages you enjoy by choosing a Quantum University education:

  1. Flexible Schedule
  2. The online format of our programs is extremely flexible, allowing you to attend online courses when and where you want, avoiding conflict with your job and personal life. No traveling is required. Simply click into a class and start learning at any time.

  3. Accelerated Graduation
  4. Through a combination of video, textbook, and live education, you can earn a degree in just two to four years, depending on the program you choose and your time commitment. You can graduate even sooner with transferable credits for qualifying work experience, leading to an even faster return on your educational investment.

  5. Affordable Tuition
  6. While tuition at most private colleges and universities is over $20,000 a year, Quantum University’s degree programs cost only a fraction of that. Our online programs also allow you to work full-time while you study, and our wide selection of courses and virtual classrooms can fit any budget.

  7. Financial Options
  8. Paul Zane Pilzer, noted economist, stated that “By the year 2010, an additional $1 trillion annually of the U.S. economy will be devoted to the wellness industry.” Many financial options for investing in your future are available, and we can help you find the option that’s right for you.

  9. State-of-the-Art Education
  10. Quantum University offers courses in various advanced concepts of alternative medicine such as quantum medicine, conscious and unconscious biofeedback, Hamer medicine, homeopathy, homotoxicology, human consciousness, psychology, hematology, hormonology, mind-based wellness and much, much more…

  11. Dynamic Learning Experience
  12. The most popular model of online education today is our highly interactive online learning format which includes integrated online videos, a portable classroom, textbook education, instructor mentoring, and live virtual classrooms that connect you to experienced faculty members and to thousands of student around the globe.

  13. 100% Self-Paced Education
  14. Most of our programs include workshops to integrate your knowledge and skills in a hands-on format. However, students who seek a 100% self-paced education can, with our interactive online learning and portable e-learning program, share in hands-on education through videos, making any of our educational programs 100% self-paced.

  15. Expert Instructors
  16. In addition to impressive academic credentials, our faculty also hold high-level positions within the fields they teach, enabling them to share their valuable, real-world experience, which you can immediately apply to enhance your career success. Through our video classes, you have the unique opportunity to study with pioneers and revered professors in the exciting field of alternative quantum medicine.

  17. Learn What You Love To Do
  18. At Quantum University, our teachers and students are passionate about helping to bring the new health paradigm to their communities. If pursuing a new, exciting, and rewarding career in the health industry is your passion, let us help you learn what we love to teach and what you love to do.

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